This work is concerned with the transient dynamic response of a periodically ring-reinforced, infinitely long, circular cylindrical shell to a uniform pressure suddenly applied through the surrounding acoustic medium. The incident particle velocity is zero, and the rings are assumed to be slightly flexible. A classical theory of the Donnell type is used to analyze the shell while the fluid is described by the linear acoustic field equation. The solution is obtained by assuming a power series expansion in the ring stiffness parameter and utilizing a technique which reduces the transient dynamic problem to an equivalent steady-state formulation. Numerical results are presented for a steel shell immersed in salt water for different ring spacings. For the case of rigid rings, a cylindrical and plane wave approximation was also used to represent the fluid field. It is shown that the cylindrical wave approximation yields reasonably accurate results. Flexible ring results, although limited, indicate that undamped or nonradiating components of the shell vibration are activated.

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