This paper examines the local and averaged endwall heat transfer effects of a staggered array of porous aluminum pin fins with a channel blockage ratio (blocked channel area divided by open channel area) of 50%. Two sets of pins were used with pore densities of 0 (solid) and 10 pores per inch (PPI). The pressure drop through the channel was also determined for several flow rates using each set of pins. Local heat transfer coefficients on the endwall were measured using Thermochromatic Liquid Crystal (TLC) sheets recorded with a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera. Static and total pressure measurements were taken at the entrance and exit of the test section to determine the overall pressure drop through the channel and explain the heat transfer trends through the channel. The heat transfer and pressure data was then compared to flow visualization tests that were run using a fog generator. Results are presented for the two sets of pins with Reynolds numbers between 25000 and 130000. Local HTC (heat transfer coefficient) profiles as well as spanwise and streamwise averaged HTC plots are displayed for both pin arrays. The thermal performance was calculated for each pin set and Reynolds number. All experiments were carried out in a channel with an X/D of 1.72, a Y/D of 2.0, and a Z/D of 1.72.

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