UK power stations have generated wet radioactive wastes, principally from operation of treatment plants for cooling pond water and liquid effluents. These include ion exchange resins, filter backwash sludges, flocs, pond sludges, filter aids, and miscellaneous oily sludges. To treat these wastes, it was concluded that mobile plants offered significant benefits compared with the alternative of constructing fixed installations. NSG Environmental Ltd designed and built a Mobile LLW Solidification Plant, which we have operated on behalf of BNFL Environmental Services and its predecessors for over twelve years. Since commencing active operations in 1991 the plant has successfully performed 28 campaigns on 13 nuclearlicensed sites. A total of nearly 3,000 drums of active waste have been processed during those campaigns. There have been no failures to solidify wastes, no excessive doses to operators and no transport incidents.

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