The Oil & Gas industry and environmental agencies around the world are working to find solutions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A comprehensive study by the US EPA found that emissions from compressor stations, blow down and purge, accounted for 97.7 Bscf or just over 31% of the total methane emissions attributed to the Natural Gas industry. [1] With methane (CH4) having 25 times the impact on global warming compared to carbon dioxide (CO2), and global legislation like the Regulations Respecting Reduction in the Release of Methane and Certain Volatile Organic Compounds Upstream Oil and Gas Sector (or also called Canadian Methane Rule) and regional methane reduction regulations, developing solutions to further mitigate methane emissions from process gas vents and centrifugal gas compressor seals becomes necessary as the industry moves towards near-zero targets.

This paper addresses the design requirements and selection of a process gas vent recapture system and primary dry seal vent recapture system. In addition, this paper will review the design consideration during the design phase to the data collected during site operation.

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