This paper presents an investigation of the fluid flow in the fully developed portion of a rectangular channel (Aspect Ratio of 2) with dimples applied to one wall at channel Reynolds numbers of 20,000, 30,000, and 40,000. The dimples are applied in a staggered-row, racetrack configuration. Results for three different dimple geometries are presented: a large dimple, small dimple, and double dimple. Heat transfer and aerodynamic results from preceding works are presented in Nusselt number and friction factor augmentation plots as determined experimentally. Using particle image velocimetry, the region near the dimple feature is studied in detail in the location of the entrainment and ejection of vortical packets into and out of the dimple; the downstream wake region behind each dimple is also studied to examine the effects of the local flow phenomenon that result in improved heat transfer in the areas of the channel wall not occupied by a feature. The focus of the paper is to examine the secondary flows in these dimpled channels in order to support the previously presented heat transfer trends. The flow visualization is also intended to improve the understanding of the flow disturbances in a dimpled channel; a better understanding of these effects would lead the development of more effective channel cooling designs.

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